Physical and Chemical Stability Issues

At the discovery stage, it is vital to detect and evaluate the physical and chemical stabilities of a drug candidate and understand the impact these data have on formulation, delivery, manufacturing, and storage. Large pharmaceutical companies devote significant resources in this research area to ensure the physico-chemical integrity of their drug candidates. However, smaller drug discovery organizations typically rely on CROs to perform these evaluations, often without expert oversight of outsourced studies.

PDDC offers expert consulting scientists to guide and advise companies on outsourced stability studies. Alternatively, we can guide your scientists to perform requisite stability studies in house. Furthermore, if discovery drug candidates are identified with desirable biopharmaceutical/efficacy/potency profiles but poor physico-chemical stability, we encourage companies to seek an opinion from PDDC before discarding otherwise strong lead compounds from their portfolios. Our consultants have a strong history of compound/project rescues by offering creative solutions.