Whether you are an academic or government researcher or member of a biotech company, PDDC can assist your small molecule translational drug discovery programs by providing expert consultation services to:

  • Improve drug candidate biopharmaceutical and physico-chemical attributes
  • Develop formulations that enable in vitro, ex vivo, or in vivo preclinical studies
  • Critically review the probability of success for drug candidate developability
  • Implement advanced drug delivery technologies when appropriate
  • Enhance and strengthen intellectual property profiles
  • Enable accelerated entry into the clinic, utilizing adaptive formulation strategies
  • Repurpose, reformulate, or reposition existing drugs
  • Perform unbiased due diligence exercises for licensing or partnering situations

We bring an aggregate 80+ years of diverse experience in solving complex issues with preclinical drug candidates by identifying creative and innovative solutions for key problems with drug delivery, exposure, chemical and physical stability, drug metabolism, safety, and toxicity.

Depending on the nature of your drug candidate’s issue and your available resources, we will structure our consultation to meet your needs. For example we can act in an advisory role assisting you with study design and execution at one of our preferred CROs, or alternatively one of our consultants can work directly with your scientists in your lab.  We are very flexible in structuring consultations.

We strive to ensure the success of our client’s therapeutic entities.