Drug Delivery Technology

Prescient Drug Delivery Consultants have significant expertise in non-standard formulations that can be applied to drug candidates with sub-optimal pharmacokinetic profiles, poor aqueous solubility, chemical instability and other issues that hinder the viability of a new candidate. In current pharmaceutical research, “drug delivery technology” can refer to a broad spectrum of techniques and devices used for introducing drugs in vivo. PDDC expertise lies specifically in the area of advanced formulations that can circumvent many seemingly intractable issues with a drug candidate. Often described as ‘enabling’ or ‘rescue’ formulations these should be, in our opinion, very thoroughly evaluated prior to consideration of delivery devices. The burgeoning array of delivery techniques/devices will almost invariably introduce much greater total cost per unit dose and greater regulatory burdens as well. PDDC encourages clients to engage our team in discussions of their new drug entity delivery issues at the candidate selection stage.