Drug Candidate Due Diligence

PDDC can provide scientists with various areas of expertise and knowledge in due diligence activities. Due diligence exercises can and should be viewed from the perspectives of both licensee and licensor. In the case of the licensee, the driving force is essentially caveat emptor. Prescient Drug Delivery Consultants has a strong team of experts to assist with licensee due diligence activities, including critical data evaluation and risk assessment.

In contrast, when a small organization seeks to out-license a drug candidate for development, PDDC can be a particularly valuable consulting resource. Using our considerable experience in translational science across the discovery-development interface, we can assist clients with developing a strategy leading to a comprehensive and compelling data package to support out-licensing or alliance actions.  Our goal is to cost-effectively streamline your translational drug discovery program and accelerate the entry of your drug into the clinic.